How to solve the malposition problems of laser engraving and cutting machine

When working, the most boring thing is that there are some problems of the works that you did, there are some malposition of the works for laser engraving and cutting machine. You might be very angry with that, and maybe you will think it is a pity to get this machine, pls don't think like that, here we have some solutions for you to avoid these problems:

1. Check whether the belt is loose, if yes, tight it.

2. Check whether there are some virus of the laserwork software, reset the machine software to your computer.

3. Check whether the file you made is perfect? It is better to use AI, DXF and some other files which could export directly from the laser cutting machine.

4. Check whether the file size is beyond the machine working size? If so, change the file to a suitable sizes.

5. Check whether your machine has connected to the ground line, especially in some places where the power is not so steady, it is better to connect the machine with a deep ground line. Or else it might burnt the mainboard or the LCD board.

6. Check whether there are statatic electricity happens? it is also better to connect the computer to ground line.

7. Check the laser tube is working properly, whether the water in the laser tube  circulate very well?

8. Check the mirror system is normal, without loosing.


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